Policy for Tutors on VIPNATIVE


Policy for Tutors on VIPNATIVE

Vipnative – the first online language learning platform 1:1 with native Tutors in Vietnam.

I. About Vipnative’s Tutor Policy 

Anyone who is a tutor who has completed a profile on Vipnative will receive this remuneration policy .

II. Vipnative’s Tutor Policy 

If you teach on Vipnative, you can:

1. Earn money by sharing what you know, what you experience and set your own rate

Connect with millions of learners in Vietnam and teach from your living room. Choose your hourly rate and change it anytime. On average, English tutors charge $5 – 30/per hour.

2. Get a steady stream of new students looking to learn online with you

We know one of the hardest parts of being a freelance teacher is finding clients. Let us do the work of acquiring students for you while you just focus on teaching!

3. Manage your lessons and connect with students easily

You can build your own lesson plans and connect with students easily through our website.

4. Teach anytime, anywhere 

Decide when and how many hours you want to teach. No minimum time commitment or fixed schedule. Be your own boss!

5. Use safe payment methods (Paypal, bank account)

You will receive your teaching money through safe, convenient and popular payment methods such as Paypal and domestic bank accounts (only for tutors who have bank accounts in Vietnam)

6. Get support form our friendly team through professional development webinars, live chat and email

If you have a problem such as not being able to choose a lesson schedule, you can get support from us 24/7. 

7. Join a community of expert tutors who are always there for you 

Register as a tutor on Vipnative, you will join the tutor community to learn from highly qualified tutors in the world.

8. Marketing and Promotion free your profile on Vipnative’s social media

Connect with hundreds of students through marketing profiles on Vipnative’s social media channels.

9. Join free Vietnamese course at Vipnative

Offer discount vouchers or free “Vietnamese courses” for foreign teachers who want to work/travel/live in Vietnam.

10. Commission policy for tutors

During the beta testing phase, Vipnative will not collect any commission fees, tutors will enjoy the entire revenue from the lessons. The condition for you to receive 100% commission is to participate in teaching 02 hours/month for FREE group classes. These FREE group classes are also a student funnel for you to showcase your PROFILE on Vipnative, significantly increasing your revenue opportunities for 1:1 lessons. Read more about the “10K HOURS FREE LESSON”  group class campaign HERE.

And more to come! We’re constantly improving the platform and teaching tools for our tutors based on their needs