About VINCI - EduTech Eco-system


VINCI is Asia’s pioneering startup ecosystem in the field of Technology Education (EDTECH). Established in 2022, invested by MCB Holding, is a leading enterprise in publishing and distributing foreign language books (MCBOOKS) and business books (BIZBOOKS) in Vietnam.


Vision & Mission 


As those who have the opportunity to be exposed to leading economies and work for a long time in the field of EDTECH, witnessing the miraculous transformation of Singapore thanks to the vision of foreign language proficiency for young human resources, from experiencing the limitations of learning foreign languages today in geography, Cost, quality, VINCI founders are always concerned to build a model of Global Foreign Language Classroom, creating value, unleashing capacity for Asian youth generation

VINCI Aspirations

VINCI Aspirations

With the strong impact of the industrial revolution 4.0 and the big push after the pandemic, VINCI launched a VIP language platform (Platform Learning Online 1 on 1).

Vinci wishes to accompany millions of young Asian generations equipped with thinking and language skills to become global citizens. Open up the opportunity to connect with more than 1,000,000 native tutors around the world, study anywhere and anytime at a low cost with just a computer connected to the Internet


VIPNATIVE is the first online 1:1 language learning platform with native tutors in Vietnam.


VIPNATIVE allows learners to connect with thousands of experienced native tutors verified by our team. Students themselves look for tutors according to their own criteria of: Foreign language they want to learn, appropriate level, reasonable cost and study time; book your own classes with a tutor at any time, study anywhere, just have the Internet.


VIPNATIVE has an algorithm that ranks objective reviews from previous learners. Students have the flexibility to change tutors to find the right one for them. Students can be connected with local tutors with high professional qualifications with a full range of languages and the most popular are English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Thai, German, Spanish, Russian…

Become a Tutor

In addition to the benefits for students, we have policies that are suitable for tutors teaching on the platform.

Get paid by sharing what you know, what you experience, and setting your desired teaching fees

Get a steady stream of new students who want to study online with you

Manage your lessons and connect with students with ease

Get support from our friendly team through professional development webinars, live chat, and email

Join a community of professional tutors who are always there for you

Free Marketing and Advertising of your profile on VIPNATIVE's media

Join a free Vietnamese course at VIPNATIVE

100% commission policy during the BETA test period

Product Roadmap

Launching the BETA version, testing the Booking Tutor model according to the following criteria: Time (Learn any time), Foreign language you want to learn (English, Vietnamese, Japanese), Desired Cost (Regardless of budget). 1:1 online learning will be integrated on the ZOOM platform.


This is a non-profit implementation phase, VIPNATIVE will not collect any fees from Tutor, and has a budget to support students through a series of promotional campaigns (COUPON) and free learning (Campaign : “10K hours FREE lesson”). VIPNATIVE expects to receive the companionship of students and “Tutor” to improve the learning experience and complete all features for the official launch in April 2023.

Launching the official version of VIPNATIVE that fully completes the online learning experience with the participation of more than 1000+ native Tutors. Searching for tutors that match your personalization criteria:

  • Time for learning
  • Foreign language studies
  • Study topics, Communicative languages
  • Cost
  • Country
  • Qualification, tutor’s teaching experience

Flexibility to change tutors, active learning time; Diverse payment methods; 1 on 1 online learning right on the VIPNATIVE platform without going through a 3rd party video call platform.

  • Building a complete LMS that allows learning management, editing learning materials and learning support tools (Quizz, whiteboard, mock exam) on the same platform.
  • Deploy the App platform (IOS/Android)

Applying AI + Deep Learning to build a personalized experience (Optimizing the search experience, ranking the best tutors), applying technology to support and assess language ability (Speaking, Writing)

Mega LMS: Self-deploy the entire core of fully integrated technology on LMS VINCI: Learning Administration, Video Call/Chat/Payment technology, AI, CRM